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Sno Con and a Friend at The Summit at Snoqualmie from Garrett Read on Vimeo.

Some good times were had at Summit at Snoqualmie with SnoCon team riders Jacob Krugmire, Riley Goodwin, Robert Bench and Friend Jeff Holce

Super 8 rider: Matteo Soltane

Filmed and Edited by: Garrett Read

Itʼs Throwback Thursday, and since iʼm so old I fart dust, theyʼve asked me to go in the corner and rummage through my memory banks.

This is some random photo from April 2004. Wow, thatʼs only throwing back 9.5 years, around the time we were finally saying good-bye to step-in bindings, and new brands like Capita were already taking their first baby-steps, reaching for the door as a nervous industry scrambled to move the valuables just out of reach of the young upstarts. and look at them now…back to the picture.

Itʼs me, no doubt - iʼd know that long nose and St. Christopher medal from across the room. why am i wearing -what is that? a bathrobe? a womanʼs sweater? - why am i wearing it, and why is the ever-polite Jamie Lynn able to not laugh or punch me in the face. he looks like, “yep, just smile and wait for him to stumble by, he wonʼt remember a thing…” I swear, he has the most patience and chill vibration of anyone in this industry. because by the time Iʼm wearing womenʼs clothing, iʼm probably pretty damn annoying.

Wait, my wife has shed some light on all this. she found another pic from the same night, and yes, thatʼs me, and yes, itʼs just as i suspected. And no, i have nothing more to say.




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Happy shredding!

Words and video by Steven Goodell

The best night of riding pow I ever had was chasing Aaron Robinson down Alpental’s Armstrong Express. He pointed it everywhere and launched himself from pillow to pillow without ever pausing. The tracked out landings only made him gain speed and by the end of the night he was sending triple sets of moguls and just as stoked. Even before he disappeared into his snowboard gear like Obi-Wan Kenobi in a snowboard accident three years ago, he inspired me to trust myself. To point it toe-side and ollie hard and know that a tranny would be there if only I believed. I saw people last weekend trusting themselves like that at the Alpental stop of the Smash Life Banked Slalom, riding berms high and wholly committing to being fast or last. 

The race set up in his memory to benefit the A-Rob Plant a Seed Project had the same infectious vibe. No one complained that coverage was so low, sticks were a factor. The fence netting was like a blue web of friendship binding us together and keeping us from plummeting over the eight foot switchback cliffs. Kyle Miller of Bozeman, MT even rode the fence netting above the icefall berm to a first place series finish. 

I’m not proud that Summit Park Manager Joe Pope made the women and children’s divisions ride the rock solid course first, but I was impressed by their positive attitudes and communal spirit. After Guinea pigging for the boys,one female competitor posted up on turn three and flashed anyone who got claimed by the second bank — which inevitably led to more crashing, but bigger smiles.

Really, though. Huge thanks to Joe and the rotating team of twelve diggers that toiled for three days to make it happen. Seriously, guys, nice work. Non-sketchy courses are for skiers. 

Todd Kirby won the day at Alpental with a time of 51.13, followed by Andy Bergin-Sperry and Kyle Miller. Mallory Sullivan and Robyn Borneman took home 2nd and 3rd after Sarris McComb clocked two blazing hot sub-minute runs to win it for the women. Snowboarding’s favorite realtor Marcel Dolak staked a claim on 1st for Grumpy Old Men. This was the second event in the Smash Life race series that started at Big Sky, MT the week before. Kyle Miller and Sarris McComb posted the best combined time for both events and won spots in the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom in February. In brotherly form, Kyle gave his spot to Todd because he’d already found a way into LBS. He must have won a Facebook poll. 

After getting netted on my first run, I managed to finish middle of the pack on my second. I wasn’t fast and I wasn’t last, but I was surrounded by my friends. And being surrounded by your friends is the real point behind Smash Life. 

Dirksen Derby 2013 

The Dirksen Derby in Mt. Bachelor, Oregon is known for keeping it loose. For seven years it’s offered same day sign-ups and welcomed the hundreds of inebriate hecklers that line its banks. Pros ride alongside amateurs and anyone willing to brave the ultra tight berms has place in the line-up. But its accessibility doesn’t just extend to those better at partying than planning. Like snowboarding is your reason for existing, accessibility is Dirksen Derby’s reason for existing. 

With all the talk of building participation rates in the industry, this is an event that takes it to heart, because the event is a sit ski race first and a snowboard rally second. Tyler Eklund, a Bend local who suffered a devastating spinal injury in 2006, is the event’s inspiration, co-organizer, and main beneficiary of the $20,000 raised this year. The non-profit he now works with, Oregon Adaptive Sports, provides resources to get disabled riders back sliding on snow again. Although the category was only 4 deep, the Sit Ski division owned the spotlight on a course that it was my goal not to fall on. 

The hand-dug hell track is 40 seconds of berms, doubles, and 180+ degree snake coils spread over two parallel courses. Riders race both and compete based on their combined time. A separate 8 foot bomb-drop had the Derby Elites pro-division riders relying on brutal arm strength to make the gap to tranny. I know because I poached one for Snocon during the practice session.

The experience had me thinking about my life after paralysis and it’s a relief knowing our community will be there to catch my fall. 

Jake Blauvelt clears another hurdle in his adidas.

[Jake Bauvelt]

That’s the thing about snowboard neck injuries, your face sticks like that. Tyler Eklund smiling huge while shredding the green course.

[Tyler Eklund]

Josh Dirksen asked me to tell you that registration will be online only next year.

[Josh Dirksen]

Future world champion sit-skier Shawn Palmer.

[Shawn Palmer]

All credit for this article goes to Steven Goodell one of our latest Snocon team riders!

well, yes, as a matter of fact, we DID have a night where we brought in Afrika Bambaataa. and a Mervin Artist showing. and other stuff. this was when? 1999? Atlee and I drove Mr. Bambaataa from the hotel to the club in my old Vanagon, so I’m thinking ‘99. i really don’t know.

This was Atlee putting this togeether, trying to take Dose to the club level seats. (we had been lurking in the loge for a while). was Mo’s before it was, and now y’all know it as Neumo’s.

how ‘bout that - 12 bucks at the door to see the Godfather of the SoulSonic Sound!


~ Must have a valid ID and Credit Card on hand. Also you’ll have to sign a waiver.
~ If you are under 18, you’ll have to have a guardian present to sign the waiver.
~ The demo is free, but it is not a free rental for the day.


Saturday December 7th, 2013
Registration 9am to 10 am / Event 10am to 2pm
Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Base Area 

Come check out Washington’s first Riglet Park - a revolutionary environment specially designed for kids ages three to six years old to experience snowboarding in an easy and fun environment.

Participation if FREE!

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